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Paguro Style Guide

Top 10 styles for our wide range of gifts.

1. Gifts for Cyclists.

Our bike chain jewellery includes bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and cufflinks.

gifts for cyclists - two people holding hands while wearing bike chain bracelets


2. Gifts for Bikers.

Our high-quality rubber biker belts are made from recycled bicycle tyres or motorcycle tyres.

gifts for bikers - person riding a motorbike


3. Gifts for Skaters.

Recycled skateboard gifts including necklaces, earrings and cufflinks.

gits for skaters - group of girls skateboarding


4. Gifts for Commuters.

We stock a wide range of unisex vegan bags, perfect for the daily commute.

gifts for commuters - man going up stairs wearing backpack



5. Gifts for Office Outfits.

Eco-friendly vegan handbags handcrafted from recycled rubber materials.

gifts for office outfits - two ladies holding handbags


6. Gifts for Dog Lovers.

Our range of pets items including vegan dog collars and leads.

gifts for dog lovers - dog wearing dog collar


7. Gifts for Home.

We have a selection of coasters and candle holders for the perfect home gift.

home gifts - coffee mug placed on a coaster next to laptop



8. Gifts for Gym Fanatics.

Our eco-friendly resistance band is handmade using recycled Schwalbe bicycle tyre rubber and inner tube.

gifts for gym fanatics - gym bag zoomed in



9. Gifts for Wanderlust.

Browse our range of travel bags for the wanderlust traveller.

gifts for wanderlust


10. Gifts for Star Lovers.

Our ever popular jewellery gift sets are the perfect for a stand-out surprise gift.

gifts for star lovers - woman wearing star choker and earrings


Paguro Jewellery FAQs

  • I’m allergic to metal, do you have any jewellery that’s metal-free?

    Our inner tube necklaces and bracelets are perfect for those with metal allergies as we use plastic button clasps in place of metal components.

  • Is your inner tube jewellery suitable for those with latex allergies?

    Our inner tube jewellery is made using reclaimed natural rubber. As such, they will contain latex and we would have to recommend that anyone with a latex allergy avoids wearing the inner tube jewellery. We do have jewellery ranges which do not contain rubber, which will hopefully be more suitable.

  • Do your necklaces only come in one size?

    To reduce unnecessary waste, we make our necklaces to one standard size. However, we can custom make if you are looking for something shorter or longer. We generally have a 3-4 week turnaround time for custom made pieces. Please contact us at: and we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

  • Does your jewellery need any special care?

    Our jewellery is made for everyday use and as such we use hard wearing and robust materials such as wood, rubber and resin. Having said that, the designs for our inner tube jewellery can be intricate and as such we would advise not to stretch the rubber too much as it can break or tear. For the earrings and necklace which contain silver and gold, the metal may oxidise over the time so you may need to polish the metal.